Cavana Springs Compound New Cairo

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Cavana Springs Compound New Cairo

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Cavana Springs Compound New Cairo

Enjoy the life of tourist resorts in the heart of New Cairo for the first time inside Cavana Springs Compound New Cairo
“Cavana Spring Sarai Compound” achieves the opportunity to live in a separate place that enjoys a high degree of privacy and recreation away from the hustle and bustle of cities, and their pollution, and despite its distance from the center of Cairo, it is located near vital roads, and it also provides customers with luxurious housing units in attractive modern buildings overlooking an attractive landscape of vast green spaces, and a unique crystal lagoon with a width of 10,000 square meters; Where every home enjoys a private beach overlooking a clear lagoon; Which provides an atmosphere of luxury, and well-being.

The project is a phase of Sarai Compound New Cairo, which is built on a space of 5.5 million square meters, equivalent to 1359 acres, and includes unlimited entertainment services that make you feel happy and cheerful and enable you to spend wonderful times with your family and friends.

Hurry up and book your unit now inside Cavana Spring Sarai New Cairo with its exceptional features!!

Own a luxury residence in the quietest location in New Cairo, Cavana Spring Sarai Compound Fifth Settlement
If you love privacy and luxury? In this unique compound, you and your family and neighbors will have an ideal life, and unparalleled pleasure; Cavana Spring Sarai

One of the latest projects of Madinet Nasr Housing & Development in the heart of New Cairo, it was designed with precision and mastery, and it enjoys a distinctive strategic location on the Cairo-Suez Road near many vital places, high-end residential compounds, and various service facilities.

The advantages of the site can be summarized as follows:

It is located 15 minutes from the ring road.
The distance that separates the compound from the American University is 10 minutes.
It is 5 minutes from the new administrative capital.
It is located near the ring road, which facilitates the process of moving to and from it.

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